Meditation is the process of developing an awareness of how one feels, thinking about feelings, and then changing one’s feelings and thoughts. This is done by redirecting one’s attention in such a way that it directs it towards specific objects or specific feelings. The object of meditation is something in particular like a mantra or sound. It may be something to do with any of the five senses.

The purpose of this practice is to divert our attention in a way to experience a specific feeling rather than all the many different feelings that we usually experience. We tend to notice more, rather than experience more. That is, we tend to become distracted by the many different feelings, which can become so intense that we begin to feel upset. We do not experience the real essence of the situation in the same way.

When we begin to have intense feelings, we often become overwhelmed by these intense feelings. Our body will raise our heart rate, or we will experience physical sensations that are out of proportion to the actual cause of the feeling.

Some things outweigh feelings and do not allow us to focus on them. For example, when we have lost something or had a bad experience. There are certain times when we may lose something or have an experience that is outside of our realm of power.

By doing meditation, we can focus our attention on these times, and we will not feel overwhelmed by these normal emotional triggers. We can learn to find these triggers and the ways that we can handle them.

We can also learn to focus on various objects, feelings, sensations, and other areas that we typically overlook. This allows us to become more aware of what is going on around us.

The physical body has a way of reacting to being overwhelmed by our emotions. It is easier to get the body to go into the physical stage of healing at this time. So the physical body has a way of “going to sleep” as we speak of healing.

Meditation develops the mind into a higher, calm, quiet, peaceful, and mental state. It prepares us for the journey into the higher plane of being. This helps the mind to be able to handle any overwhelming feelings that we may have.

Meditation is an attempt to achieve peace and balance. It is an attempt to find out who we really are in the flow of life. It is an attempt to discover our true selves.

It is an attempt to connect with our higher self and work with that individual to gain more peace and balance in the way we live. It is a means of finding peace in whatever way that we choose.

We must ask ourselves whether we truly wish to discover who we really are or if we wish to simply make us feel better. If we wish to truly connect with our higher self, we must learn to listen to it, to let it be heard, and to learn to let go of any attachment that we may have to self. Then we will be able to gain peace.

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